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Has Wilson Become a Cancer to the Franchise?

Has Wilson Become a Cancer to the Franchise?

On Wednesday evening Sharks Vice President and General Manager Doug Wilson held a private event with about 350 season ticket holders. There were a few moments where this conference became lightly heated, mostly when some season ticket holders pressed Wilson for information about accountability in the organization.  As you may be aware, the Sharks have … Continue reading

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I'm a lifetime Bay Area sports fan. I've been very fortunate to attend about 2,000 live sporting events in my lifetime, including the Super Bowl, Stanley Cup Finals, and 3 World Series'. I've been playing hockey here in the Bay Area since the days when the only rinks around were Valco and Eastridge. Some of my favorite teams are the Oakland Athletics, San Jose Sharks and Golden State Warriors. We can talk more onTwitter and Instagram (@DjamesIII), or email, djamesbarclay@gmail.com. Thanks for your support!

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