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San Jose Sharks

Sharks Roll in Season Opener

After all the bad blood, antics from the fans, and artificial heartache was settled, the NHL began its 48-game season this weekend.

The end of the lockout saw the Sharks playing their first game against the Calgary Flames Sunday afternoon, and the Sharks made sure they knew they shared their despair of being away with an impressive performance at the Saddledome.

After a more than dismal first period, in which Antti Niemi made 15 of his game total 31 saves, he and Patrick Marleau helped turned the tide and propel the Sharks to a 4-1 victory. Marleau tallied two of the three goals in the second period, which were separated by a span of just 4:18.

While they’ve faced a significant layoff, the Sharks biggest issues in the first seemed to rise from their lack of puck movement, and inability to move the puck for that matter. Since it’s still early in the season, I wouldn’t nit pick too much, especially since they finished with an impressive victory.

Absent from the roster were Sharks defenseman Brent Burns and Jason Demers, each with lower and upper body injuries respectively.

Additionally, recently bought out forward Scott Gomez participated in the Sharks optional pre-game skate this morning. The Sharks front office commented and said that it might take a few more days before they made a decision, but it seems the media has led us to believe the Sharks wanted to see if Gomez would be comfortable in their system. Frankly, if that is the truth, I can’t imagine why the Sharks would be even remotely concerned if Gomez would be comfortable. When asked, Gomez replied, “You always hear about San Jose and you never hear anything bad about the organization. We’ll see what happens.” Their regal history aside, the Montreal Canadiens offered to pay the 33 year-old to sit on his couch this season, and during the lockout, the only job he could find was in the ECHL in his hometown of Anchorage. He might be useful for something, but I think there are other players in the Sharks system that deserve ice time before this guy.

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